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External roller blinds – aluminium H39

Exterior blinds remain the universal last resort from noise and heat. Often, even at the end of summer in our latitudes, the heat is a problem and makes us seek protection from the sun. At the same time, as the cold months approach, we think about the need for thermal insulation of our home. In our opinion, an effective solution to both problems are external roller blinds. They also have a significant degree of sound insulation, provide functional unity with the window, and their elegant design gives it a finished look. The thermal insulation that external blinds can offer us is undoubtedly one of their most important characteristics. In summer, the sun protection they provide can reduce the room temperature by more than 7 ° C. On cold days, thanks to the air cushion that forms between the blind and the window, it becomes 3 to 5 ° C warmer indoors.

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Additional accessories::
  • Electric drive by a button and a remote control.