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Horizontal blinds in front

Universal, with a variety of options for mounting plates, which makes them suitable for most types of windows, as they can be mounted next to the glass, to overlap the glass holders, on the wall or ceiling. If necessary, they can be made in non-standard shapes or for sloping windows.

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Options / Accessories
The aluminum lamellas are 25 mm wide and have a color coating that does not change color during operation. Permissible maximum dimensions:
  • Width up to 300 cm.
  • Height up to 300 cm.
  • Maximum blind area 6 sq.m.
  • Bottom fastening - fastening of the lower profile, thus holding the blind when the window is opened. When lifting the blind, it is necessary to detach it from the bracket.
  • Side guide - the slats and the lower profile are held with a taut cord along the entire height of the blind, thus preventing sagging when opening the window. The slats can be for mounting next to the glass and for wall mounting.
  • Elegance - a system with a decorative cornice creating completeness and elegance of the overall look of the blind Venetian aluminum blinds. It is mounted only between the glass holders.